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We established web access to the LECPPP to make it easy to use. However, with "ease of use", a high level of security must be maintained. Sites that wish to participate in the program must have a User ID and Password. The "Site Logon Registration" is used for this purpose.

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Note:"Site Authorized Agent" is the individual who has the authority to approve or permit applying to the LECPPP.
Non-Disclosure Information:
Information submitted to or collected by the Oregon Department of Energy, in accordance with Oregon Administrative Rules 330-140-0010 through 330-140-0150, shall be protected as business trade secrets to the extent permitted under the Public Records Act.

Authorized Agent Agreement Statement:

  1. I understand that by submitting this form, use of my assigned User ID and Password for the Large Electric Consumer Public Purpose Program (LECPPP) certifies I am the owner, or the owner's authorized agent, and the information provided to the LECPPP is accurate and true to the best of my knowledge. This is considered an electronic signature.
  2. I understand that Oregon Department of Energy approval and certification of this conservation project is for Public Purpose credit only. The Oregon Department of Energy does not guarantee or in any way ensure the performance of any equipment, the quality of any system, or the reliability of any dealer.


Oregon Department of Energy
Attn: LECPPP Manager
550 Capitol St NE
Salem, OR 97301-3742